Dear testing partners!

We welcome all clinicians, researchers, laboratories, medical institutions, microbiologists to become our Lab Testing Partners!

Micronbrane Medical provides accurate, accelerated and affordable pathogen identification solutions for human bloodstream infection with our patented host depletion technology and proprietary analytical methods. We are eager to expand product test worldwide and enrich databases with more results.

Brief description of the project

Lab Testing Partners will conduct the test using Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit from Micronbrane with fresh human blood/plasma samples (other body fluids may also be used) from patients or spiked with known microorganisms. All samples should be prepared by Lab Testing Partners. Project takes up to 2 months. At the end of the project you will need to send extracted DNA material back to us. All shipping costs will be covered by Micronbrane Medical.

Before applying

Before applying Lab Testing Partners will need to fill up assessment form, check if they have all equipment and consumables required to conduct the test as well as meet other criteria of Lab Testing Partners. You can submit your application on LinkedIn or Upwork.

Before sending DNA product, Lab Testing Partners need to make sure they DO NOT have any restrictions on DNA material transportation in their country (shipping outside of their origin country).

Here you can find all the documents you will need to conduct the test:

  1. Main manual
  2. Manual for Devin® Blood Fractionation Syringe Filter usage
  3. Manual for test of Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit
  4. Consent form