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Clinical Microbiology

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Pathogen Identification Directly from
Whole Blood within 24 Hours

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With Patented and Proprietary Technology

Devin® Fractionation Membrane (Patent submitted)

PaRTI-Seq® (Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing)



Deplete 95% of Human
Nucleated Cells in 5

  • Zwitterionic interface Ultra-Self-assemble Coating Technology (ZISC Technology)
  • Leukocytes Selection with Anti-adhesion Technology
  • Patent Certification
Blood Smear before filtering

Blood Smear before filtering


Depleting >95% leukocytes

Blood Smear after filtering

Blood Smear after filtering

Detect Pathogen Directly from
Whole Blood within 24 Hours

  • Sample processing


    microbiome enrichment kit

  • Library Prep & Sequencing


    miLibrary Preparation kit

  • Data Analysing & Reporting


    Analysis Software

Pathogen Real - Time Identification by Sequencing


Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq®) is Micronbrane’s complete solution for rapid Pathogen Identification. Combining Devin® filter, optimized sample preparation method for next generation sequencing(NGS) and proprietary analytical methods, it provides precise test results within 24 hours.

  • Devin®
    Blood Fractionation Membrane

    Patented device

    Can deplete host nucleated cells and enrich microorganism significantly

  • PaRTI-Seq®

    Clinically Validated Product

    Accurate and rapid pathogen detection with the incorporation of Next Generation Sequencing technology

‹24hrs to ultimate report on pathogens

  • 5 min Remove/reduce Leukocytes

  • 1.5 hrs Nucleic acid purification

  • 4 hrs NGS library preparation

  • 18 hrs NGS sequencing & final report



Advantages of PaRTI-Seq® in Clinical Testings

Blood Culture
mNGSPaRTI-Seq® Micronbrane
100+ Years
In recent 5 Year
Commercially available soon
Turnaround Time2-7 days1-2 days
24 hours Accelerated
Positivity Rate20-30%50-60%
80-90% Accurate
Medium Affordable
Can not avoid host interferenceAvoid host interference by proprietary technique


Fractionation filter Devin®
Fractionation filter Devin®

Ready-to-use syringe-driven filter for wide use in microbiology applications

  • Depletes white blood cells within 5 minutes
  • Provide higher percentage of reads in comparison with other depletion methods
  • For filtering of whole blood, plasma and other body fluids
  • 100% integrity tested, individually packaged, and sterilized


whole blood, plasma and other body fluids (serum, swabs and washed)

  • Type

    Syringe Fractionship filter

  • Certification

    ISO 13485

  • Inlet / Outlet

    Female luer-lock (clear) inlet/male luer-lock (white) outlet

  • Volume range

    ‹10 mL

  • Pore size / Diameter

    15-20 μm / 25 mm

  • Housing material


  • Filter material

    Non-woven fabric

  • Sterility


  • Shelf life

    25°C , 1 year

  • Packaging

    24 per box

Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit Specification
Microbial DNA Enrichment Kit Specification

High Efficiency Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit (24 reactions)

  • Include Devin® fractionation filters for host DNA depletion and much faster pathogen identification.
  • Fast and simple protocol (both manual and automated)
  • Compatible with downstream applications including next generation sequencing on all platforms qPCR and end point PCR
  • With PaRTI-Seq R enable pathogen identification and reporting within less than 24 Hours;

Each kit contains:

  • Devin® filter (DF253-1) x 24 pcs
  • Microbial DNA enrichment kit (M6) x 3 racks (8x Rxns)
  • Proteinase K x 1 vial
  • Incubation buffer x 1 vial
  • Lobind tubes 1.5 mL x 24 pcs
  • Elution buffer x 1 vial
PARTI-Cular™ Analysis Software

Coming soon…

Comprehensive and thoroughly curated databases including bacteria, fungi, virus sequences to species level

In-house normal individual reference baseline generated with own reagents and  used as criteria for pathogen detection

Pipeline can be run on cloud or on local server with running time of approximately 30 min/sample